In the ground floor, is the Sannathi(shrine) for Adhilakshmi. She is in the sitting posture , facing south. She is the seed of all activities. At Her feet on the sitting pedestal are the beautiful carved the eight items - Poornakumbam (Pot filled with holy water to the brim), Mirror, Samaram(fly-flopper), Dwajam(flag)Rishabam(Ox), Berigai(Drum), Lamp and swastik. By worshipping Adhilakshmi, devotees get wealth, health , prosperity and longlife.


Adhi Lakshmi (the primeval Lakshmi)

Sumanasa vandhitha , madhavi
Chandra sahodhari hemamaye,
Munigana manditha , moksha pradhayini ,
manjula bhashini , veda nuthe,
Pankaja vasini deva supoojitha
sadguna varshani , santhiyuthe,
Jaya jaya hey madhusoodhana kamini
Adhilakshmi sada palaya maam.
Victory and victory to Adhi lakshmi
Oh, darling of the killer of Madhu,
Who is worshipped by all good people,
Who is pretty and sister of the moon,,
Who looks as if she is made of gold,
Who is saluted by all groups of sages,
Who talks sweet words,
Who is praised by Vedas,
Who lives on the Lotus flower,
Who is worshipped by all devas,
Who showers good qualities on people,
And who is the personification of peace,
Please protect me always.