Arulmigu Mahalakshmi Temple - Annadhanam :

Annadhanam scheme is in operation in this temple. Since there is no adequate space for accommodation for pilgrims and devotees, an additional land of 2.26 acres has been purchased to build up cottages provided with all amenities like dining halls, bed rooms, batch, toilet etc., and for constructing orphanage, office quarters for temple servants etc., Now steps are being taken to commence the works.

To Implement the noble objective of giving food. " Annadhanam " scheme was implemented in this Temple on 15.08.2002. From that date, the scheme is Successfully continuing with the Public support.

After the "Uchikala Pooja" (Noon time Pooja)Annadhanam is given to the devotees and pilgrims. One full meal contains Rice, Sambar,Rasam,Buttermilk, one koottu or Porial and pickles. We maintain high standard of cleaning and sanitation in the "Annadhana Koodam" and 'Annadhana kitchen', we also provide purified water served with food.

On every sunday between 3-00 to 4-00 p.m. Spiritual classes for the children are conducted. More than 25 Children are attending the classes regularly. This "Spiritual Class" is the part of the great "Annadhanam Scheme".

We very glade to inform that the cash donations, given for "Anndhanam" is exempted from income tax under section 80G.A separate Annadhanam Hundi has been installed in our temple. The offerings received from Hundi and the donations received from the donars and public are bring into account properly.

One day expenditure for this scheme is approximately Rs.2500/- for 100 persons. In order to enable the public to participate in the scheme. Annadhanam Endoments Scheme is immplemented in our temple. If any donor who invest Rs. 25,000/- for Annadhanam Endoments Scheme, the accrued interest from the investment will be utilised for providing Annadhanam on any one of the day specified by the donor every year. Now the temple administration issue Anndhana Donation Tickets with face value Rs.10,20,50 and 100. This is for involving even a humble devotee in this noble scheme.

All are cordially invited to participate in this scheme by way of giving donations and purchase Annadhanam Donation Tickets. Those who are willing to donate to provide Annadhanam in our temple are requested to send their donations in the name of The Executive Officer / Administrator Annadhanam Fund Arulmighu Mahalakshmi Temple ,Besant Nagar, Chennai -90 Tamil Nadu.