The Shrines is one of the western prescient. The Goddess faces north. Courage is necessary to bear and overcome the obstacles in life.She is the remover of all fears in man.She has eight hands. On the right side , She holds Abhaya Mudra, Soolam(Trident), arrow and Chakra(Disc) ; On the left side ,She holds Sankham(Coach) , bow and Varada Hasta.By worshipping worshiping Her one gets courage and confidence to overcome the difficulties in life.


Dahirya Lakshmi ( Lakshmi of courage)

Jaya vara varnani, vaishnavi,
Bhargavi, manthra swaroopini, manthra maye,
Suragana poojitha seegra phala pradha ,
Jnana vikasini, sasthranuthe,
Bhava bhaya harini, papa vimochini,
Sadu janarchitha pada yuthe,
Jaya jaya hey madhusoodhana kamini
Dairyalakshmi sada palaya maam.
Victory and victory to Dairyalakshmi
Oh, darling of the killer of Madhu,
Who is described by victorious and blessed,
Who is the shakthi which came out of Vishnu,
Who is the daughter of sage Bhargava,
Whose form is that of sacred chants,
Who is pervaded by sacred chants,
Who is worshipped by all devas,
Who gives results fast,
Who improves knowledge,
Who is worshipped by shastras,
Who destroys fear,
Who gives redemption from sins,
And whose feet is worshipped by holy people,
Who lives on the lotus flower,
Please protect me always