Wealth is a must to life . Dhanam means wealth . The shrines is in the Second floor. The Goddess faces east . Dhana Lakshmi grants wealth and prosperity to Her. She holds Sanga and paduma Nidhies (Two Treasures) She Has eight arms and holds sankham Chakram Bow , arrow, poornakumbam, betal leaf, lotus,and Varada Hastam. She is in the sitting posture.


Dhana Lakshmi (Lakshmi of wealth)

Dhimidhimi dhindhimi dhindhimi dhindhimi,

dundubhi nada supoornamaye,

Ghumaghuma ghumaghuma ghumaghuma,

Sankha ninadha suvadhyanoothe,

Veda puranethihasa supoojitha,

Vaidhika marga pradarsayuthe,

Jaya jaya he madhusoodhana kamini

Danalakshmi sada palaya maam.

Victory and victory to Danalakshmi

Hey, darling of the killer of Madhu,

Who is fully complete with ,

Dimidimi sounds of the drum,

And the majestic sound of conch,

Gumguma, ghummkuma , gunguma,

Who is worshipped by Vedas and puranas,

And who shows the path of religious discipline,

Please protect me always