The shrines on the western prescinct. The Goddess faces west. She is with six hands , three on each side . On the right side She holds arrow, Ear of grain, varada Mudra(bestowing blessing); on the left side , She holds a sugarcane , bow and Abhaya Hasta (Giving Protection). On Her pedestal is the carved image of an elephant. By worshipping Her , One may get rich yield from agriculture.


Dhanya Lakshmi (the Lakshmi of the grains)

Ayio kali kalmasha nasini, kamini,

Vaidhika roopini, veda maye,

Ksheera samudhbhava mangala roopini,

Manthra nivasini, manthranuthe,

Mangala dhayini, ambuja vasini,

deva ganarchitha padayuthe,

Jaya jaya he madhusoodhana kamini

Dhanyalakshmi sada palaya maam.

Victory and victory to Danyalakshmi

Oh darling of the killer of Madhu,

Who destroys bad effects of kali yuga,

Who is most desirable god,

Who is personification of Vedas,

Who is pervaded by the Vedas,

Who arose out of milk,

Who is the form of all that is good,

Who lives in the sacred chants,

Who lives on the lotus flower,

And whose feet is worshipped by devas,

Please protect me always