Arulmigu Mahalakshmi Temple - OTHER SHRINES


 A Separate Southestern corner within the temple precincts in allotted for the Dhasavathara sannathi . The idols of the ten Incarnations of Vishnu are consecrated and worshipped there. These idols face North. There is also a processional deity of Sri Nigamantha Mahadesikan , one of the celebrated vaishnavite acharyas , here in this quadrant . The idol face east . There is also a Shrines for vishvskshenar (senai mudaliar) , the commander of the divine army . this shrine as the coustemery usage of the divine army . This shrine as the customery usage of worship to relive from the disturbance of Navagraha Doshas.


On the South east a shrine is dedicated to Guruvayurappan . the deity faces east . In the presence of the deity , the babies after the completion of one year are given sugar rice for the first time . This is Known as Annapraqchanam.


On the south west side is the kamal vinayagar sannadhi . The Deity is seated on a lotus and hence know kamal vinayagar . He faces east. His trunk is tuned towards right side and so He is known as valampuri vinayagar. He is Beneath the peepal tree.


On the western side of the temple , a shrine is dedicated to chakkaratalvar and yoga Narasimhar . Both deities are carved exquisitely on a single stone . Chakkaratalvar faces east and Narasimha faces west.


On the north-west side a sannathi is dedicated to anjaneya (Hanujman) . The deity faces east . He is known as Abhaya Anjaneya (Anjaneya in whome one find refguee) . Devotees worship in various ways . They offer Him Betal leaves Garlands. There is a separate Processional Anjaneyar idol(utsavamoorthi) is also worshipping in this sannadhi.


In the northwest corner of the temple there is a shrine for Dhanvantari (The God of medicine) . It is a shrine for Dahnvantari came from the milky ocean when churned by Devas and asuras. He brought with Him amrit kalash (pot of nectar) . he is considered the Vedic Physician who curse the diseases when sincerely prayed.


The principal sannadhi is Mahalakshmi Maha Vishnu Sannadhi . Both the deities are in standing from.. They face the mighty ocean on the east. They stand on lotus pedestal . Abaya varada Mudras and Lotus flower in the Hands may be seen. There is a processional deity , utsavar bronze. All festive and celebrations are done only to the processional deity . The Divine Couple bestow and shower all deity . The Divine Couple bestow and shower all their Grace and blessings to those who worship them sincerely. Thirumanjanam (Holy Bath) and archana may be performed . Nice yards silk sarees and three yards Dhotis and two yards upper cloth (Angavasthiram) may also be offered to get the Grace of the Divine couple.


Garudalvar,as usual has his sannadhi in front of the Main Deity in the temple.


In this temple.below the Stupi,in the Sikaram area, is consecrated the Dhanalakshmi. on the Precincts,are the other shrines for Gajalashmi,Santhanalashmi,Vijayalakshmi and Vidyalakshmi in the Khandam areas.on the Groundfloor,in the Prastara area,are consecrated the three Lakshmis - Adi Lakshmi,Dhanya Lakshmi and Dhairya Lakshmi.


Every hindu Temple and pilogrim Centre Has a Sacred Tree known as Tala Viruksha (Tree of place). Here in this Shrine it is the Vilva tree that is thala vriksha.It is apt and unique in the sense that the goddess Sri Mahalakshmi resides in Vilva leaves.


As the temple is on the sea shore it has no special tank Dedicated to it. On the other hand , the Great Ocean itself is considerd the sacred tank for this temple. Indeed it is apt in the sense that goddess Mahalakshmi came out of the Milky Ocean . Hence the Ocean is the Mother's home for the goddess.